Seeed’s DSO Quad available for preorders

DSO Quad prototype

After the successful DSO Nano Seeed is finishing development of new pocket scope called DSO Quad. Engineering samples started shipping in late December 2010, now the beta testing run is available for preorders at $159. Be aware that the actual shipping is scheduled for March. DSO Quad has two analog inputs up to 36 Msps, two digital inputs and one signal generator output. Waveforms and screens can be saved to 2 MB onboard flash accessible over USB. Display resolution is 400×240 px. Firmware will be open source with support for user applications.

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    1. Nice (p)review. It looks quite small indeed, I’m concerned about the readability. I prefer the large, low resolution display on regular scope than high-dpi tiny font :)

      What would you say is the battery life of the sample? I also noticed you mention 2 GB memory but Seeed lists only 2 MB one which I assume is the simple serial flash. I’d prefer to have microSD for more screens, waveforms, firmware/apps etc., those 2 GB would be enough as you said.

  1. Ooops on the 2GB. you are correct, its MB. Still doesn’t seem too little. The resolution of the BMP files is not that high (an example is included on my article) 50kb approx at 400×240 resolution. So you can fit quite a few waveforms on it. It would be tight for storing other stuff though, I carry a 16GB and 8GB USB sticks with me on my keyring, so I did not really think about that.

    The screen resolution will always be a limitation on a device this small. I hope that in the firmware there will eventually be some less detailed viewing options.

  2. I just ordered beta of this but lately I read about the incoming wearable version which is sooooooo awesome.

    My question is, since we’re getting the items yet but on march, are we expecting the wearable version or is it just similar to the scope on the picture (ipad like)?

  3. Wow, just the other day a dso for the ipad comes out (iMSO-104) and now this! If the android ever got a standard connector, maybe someday this functionailty can be on a cellphone! And of course open source would be great!

    But curious about this Seeed… Anyone know if it can output to a pc screen (via usb or vga directly)??

    That would be awesome! I like pc scopes (logicport, bitscope, etc) because its nice to have a big screen to view/control or just multitask while your coding!

    Also, what kind of input protection does it have?

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