Miniscope v4

A new Miniscope v4 is available for download. This app turns the Bus Pirate into a low-speed oscilloscope. Setting and configuration help is on the wiki. Currently Windows only.

Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors Adafruit, Open Source Control Systems, and eHaJo.

Thanks Terry!

Via the contact form.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning, but version v4 does not work with Bus Pirate yet. Please stay with version v3 for a while (there were some changes in device dll interface and there is no backward compatibility).
    Currently there are no new features in v4 that could benefit Bus Pirate users, older version is more simple and should be more reliable.
    Of course if you have any suggestions regarding v3 please let me now.

  2. I’ve updated bus_pirate.dll to current interface version. There are only few changes between v4 and v3 app, but there will be no new additions to v3 (except for fixes if any).
    Library was not tested, so some feedback would be nice. Same as previous version, library was built with Code::Blocks 10.05 + bundled MinGW, main app: Turbo C++ 2006 Explorer (unfortunately not free anymore).
    Binaries (current main app + dll):

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