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Posted on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 in software by Ian

Florin likes the new MPLAB X:

…new functions like code auto-complete, the ability to preselect which tools are used on which project, history, its gonna be a hit. I think the most useful function in MPLAB X is the history which allows you to go back and remove modifications you’ve made to the code.

MPLAB X is the new beta IDE and compiler for Microchip PICs that works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Check it out.

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7 Responses to “Reactions: MPLAB X IDE”

  1. bearmos says:

    finally had a chance to download and have been using this for about 10 minutes (lots of experience, i know). this looks pretty promising. . .

    having a full blown IDE for microchip development (MPLAB 8 doesn’t count, IMO) should significantly speed things up. simple things like being able to CNTRL click on a function prototype and jump to the implementation is going to save a ton of time – as well as the other navigation features.

    As far as resources go, I’m seeing ~500MB ram usage with a basic project open 7 source files, 7 headers. On an older Pentium 4 things are definitely usable (there is a small delay when initially opening files), but after that things seem pretty smooth (although there is heavy CPU usage when scrolling). this probably won’t be a problem with current hardware.

    now if only i could figure out how to get multiple editor windows open.

  2. ZoD says:

    Unfortunately, there is no support for PICkit2, I hope that they will add it in final release since there are still lot of PICkit2 users.

  3. amos says:

    There’s a thread in the MPLab X forum on the Microchip site, where someone mentions lack of PICKit2 support. The reply implies that support may be forthcoming after the Beta period finishes.

    You have to sign up for the forum from within MPLab X, and it might take a day or two before you can access it.

  4. Martin Rose says:

    Come on guys – you can buy a PICKit 3 for less than 30 quid these day – hardly an issue is it?

    • JTR says:

      Yes it is. PICKIT 2 is a far better programmer in important ways. The PICKIT 3 never got the TLC is needed to be a full replacement and to this day it is still missing the important VPP before VDD program entry mode for one example.

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