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  1. Akihabara is really “Electric Town” with lots of electronics shops fillet with components which make me drool. There are also manga stores, cos players, maid cafes and lots of other stuff.

    1. I am up for that :p

      I have always wanted to go to Shenzhen. Originally I wanted to go to buy cheap iPhone parts, but I have a supplier now (who is based in Shenzhen) I will go visit them too :p

      I have always wanted to go the SEG markets in Shenzen but wow Akihabara looks great to!

      A friend of mine went to Japan recently, took some photos

    2. I’m in Tokyo, so just let me know before you are coming. :) I’ll hopefully have time to discover Akihabara by myself.

      I want to see Shenzhen too! Seeed is located there right? We can visit their office. :)

  2. I love Japan. I have lived there on and off and miss it. Here in Taipei we have an area called Dunhua which is kind of like Akihabara but on a smaller scale. Parts, tools, computer hardware etc. My wife does not like me going there.

  3. Akihabara is a great place to buy all kinds of electronics you dream of, I’m located in US I found hard time to buy things from there since those shops dont sell overseas, my question any body located in tokyo can give some help to buy something for me? I’ll handle all expenses, please contact my :

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