Bus Pirate firmware v5.1

Bus Pirate firmware v5.1 is a bug fix release. The version 5 firmware branch, formerly known by codename newterm, was first released last week. You found a number of bugs so we rolled the fixes into a new version:

  • Fixed OpenOCD support in v5
  • Fixed output mode adjust bug
  • Added v3a/v3b detection
  • Updated SPI sniffer – ‘r’ resets, new binary output format for higher speeds,
  • Minor text and display tweaks (terminal speed adjust, SPI sniffer)
  • New PIC 18F/24F programming commands in raw2wire
  • Other bug fixes

Read about the firmware update process for the ds30 Loader GUI (Windows/Linux) and pirate-loader console app (Windows/Linux/Mac). This firmware requires the v4+ bootloader, be sure you upgrade to the v4 bootloader first if you still have bootloader v2.

Get a Bus Pirate for $30, including worldwide shipping at Seeed Studio. Adafruit also has the Bus Pirate and probe cables in stock and ready to ship.

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  1. I have a suggestion. I just bought a bus pirate the other day to test my I2C code, the bus pirate worked beautifully and helped me figure out what commands the chips expect to see without me worrying about whether or not my PIC was sending them properly (I should really add a serial debug link, I know).

    Anyway, I wanted to interface with an IR receiver in Logic Analyzer mode. Unfortunately, it was much more difficult than expected for 2 reasons:
    1) SUMP often doesn’t connect to the BP properly for some reason? The image on the tutorial appears to be an older version of SUMP compared to the one in Jack’s download.
    2) There should be a way to enable the power supplies in that mode. I wanted to power the IR receiver from the BP and I couldn’t figure out how to get the supplies on.

    Cheers! Great product, now I see why there’s so many good reviews! Money well spent.

    1. Buspirate only works for me with the old version (0.81). version 1 and up (the one jack uses) never worked for me.

      The old version is on sump.org

  2. Hey Colin – I’m glad the Bus Pirate helped out, thanks for the suggestions.

    For #1 – Did you change the Bus Pirate FTDI driver settings to increase speed and decrease buffering? SUMP has a really short timeout, less than one USB packet, and it will often misbehave without changing the settings a little:
    I’ve only tested the Bus Pirate with the ‘original’ SUMP version, but it should work ok with Jack’s latest version too.

    For #2 – I’ll add it to the next compile.

  3. Just looked at adding #2. I’m not sure how to do it because the SUMP mode is only on for a brief time, between the arming and the firing. The power would only be available there, and the powerup would probably trigger the capture.

    Just looking through the code, I don’t see any reason you can’t go into a mode, activate the power supplies, turn off the terminal, and then use SUMP with the power supplies on. I don;t see anything that resets the Bus Pirate between SUMP mode starting and ending. I could be wrong, I can make it work this way if it doesn’t, but I think it does.

  4. Ian,

    It appears that you’re right. I went into I2C mode, turned on the supplies, and then loaded up SUMP. I can now reliably trigger it by pressing a button on my remote control. The question now is, how the heck do I use this thing?! Channel 0 clearly triggers when this goes low, but I see no actual results, just a chunk of 0’s…

  5. Scratch that, had to adjust frequency and other stuff. Guess my cap on the IR receiver isn’t big enough since I’m just getting a pattern.

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