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  1. I’m using screen. It’s easy to configure and it’s installed already to most(?) systems.

    screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 8N1

  2. Screen is the easiest.

    I use ‘yakuake’, a pull-down, DOOM-style terminal… Hit F12 and it pulls down from its hidden spot above-screen, and click elsewhere or press F12 to make it go away. It allows for multiple, tabbed sessions, and works well with screen, just as other terminal programs do.

  3. I have a laptop with the bios password protected. I chased it down to an eeprom 24c02w6, a sop chip on an i2c bus. I would like to read the contents of the chip in situ (not removed). I am not familiar with using logic analyzers. Can this $30 bus pirate be used to solve my problem. The chip has a pin connected to the data channel and another connected to the clock. I have a wire on each leading out of the laptop. I could see capturing the data in an attemped logon situation or interrogating the chip with the laptop powered on. Any suggestions?

  4. I’ve just compiled and used PuTTY for unix V0.63. It works wonderfully well as it interprets all the VT100 codes (you get to see two columns when you enter ‘?’). I tried using cutecom but it was a horrible mess as it showed all those VT100 escape codes (x09 ….).

    You need to have the libgtk+2.0_0-devel library also (or the lib64 equivalent) to compile PuTTY with the usual ./configure then make. I need to be root to access the ttyUSB0 (or 1) port. I beleive PuTTY needs its own pterm programme so when you move the compiled executable to a bin directory also copy across pterm.

    ps this was on Magiea 4. Should be the same on other linuxes though.

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