PCBs sent this week

We sent a bunch of PCBs to Seeed Studio’s Fusion service this week. The open source logic analyzer prototype was the most anticipated board, you can get the final hardware for free if you suggest the name.

The final design candidates for the PIC high voltage programming adapter went to the board house too. Looking at the circuit board, can you tell why we chose an MC34063A boost regulator instead of the microcontroller driven switched-mode power supply in our earlier tests?

More PCB preview goodness below.

The Bus Pirate chip demonstration/test board is also out to fab. This board has spaces for a bunch of (commonly sampled) ICs on a 1-wire and an I2C bus. The PCF8574 I2C IO expander is setup to drive an LCD using the Bus Pirate’s LCD mode.

Of course, we’ll get more of these boards than we can use. You can get the extras every week on Free PCB Sunday.

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