SMD parts in a kit?


How comfortable are you with surface mount parts? Would you build a kit that included some or all surface mount components?

Seeed Studio will stock our next few projects as both a kit and assembled hardware.

Some kits will include all SMD parts in 0805, SSOP, and other small packages, like the Bus Pirate and #twatch. Others will use a mix of parts like the PCB shown above, it uses a large SIOC-sized surface mount IC and through-hole resistors.

Even if you don’t like the idea of an SMD kit, would you be willing to solder some larger SMD parts if the resistors and capacitors were a comfortable through-hole size?

Thanks for your feedback!

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  1. I have actually been on the look out for kits containing SMD parts (for the practice) – so this would a welcome change.

  2. I believe through hole components should be avoided unless there is no alternative. It makes for a much cleaner and professional look and no electronics enthusiast should be unable to solder components down to 0805 and SSOP sizes (awesome practice).

    I always buy this type of electronics in kit form if they include SMD parts over an assembled board.

  3. I think that if you practice a bit on some practice boards you get the hang of it soon enough, 0805 is not that hard, and is far better then having to drill all those holes in you PCB ;)

  4. Hand soldering SMD parts is pretty tedious. A much better route is to use solder paste and a toaster oven/skillet. I’d be up for an SMD kit if you supplied a stencil to make applying the paste easy.

    Also avoid parts (e.g., some connectors) with lower melting points; if you’re working with a manually timed toaster oven this can be an issue.

  5. I would love to see some SMD kits,

    Why not make a kit to make SMD work easier. A toaster oven or skillet controller would be great.

    I hand soldered your hackaday webserver kit. It was fine but i wouldnt want to try and solder the Picmicro on the twatch by hand. but if i had an oven i think it would be much easier

  6. I personally just got my first 10 boards in from Seeedstudio, I’ve got 0805 components and 0603 components and neither was hard to solder, the only hard thing to solder was the QFN chip I decided to use on the board, all TSSOP stuff is simple, even the micro. Just put some solder on a soldering iron tip, then run it across the legs back and forth, using plenty of flux the solder will suck down onto the pads and legs and leave no other connections on the actual chip. Works perfectly, have done it with several boards.

    While I like through-hole, surface mount allows for smaller boards.

  7. Surface mount only if a solder mask is provided. The reason for getting away from through hole is to get away from hand soldering.

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