Bus Pirate firmware updates on OSX

Posted on Saturday, October 24th, 2009 in Bus Pirate, firmware by Ian


See the latest version in the documentation wiki.

Ninja Bong wrote a detailed Bus Pirate firmware update guide for OSX users. The guide covers Fundamental Logic’s v1a kit and v2go, but it should also apply to any other Bus Pirate hardware. You may also find the Python update tutorial handy.

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3 Responses to “Bus Pirate firmware updates on OSX”

  1. Sean Nelson says:

    An easier way to install pySerial is by executing in terminal: ‘easy_install pyserial’. I couldn’t leave a comment at the website because comments were locked.

  2. Equinoxefr says:


    I did a screencast of the firmware upgrade on OSX. You can find it here:



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