QUUB: tiny computing stackable dev board

GRAYnomad (Rob Gray) describes the QUUB as follows: QUUB is a Small Form Factor processor and co-processor design like this ATMega1284-AU based core processor board (above). The basic system topology is that of a “core” processor and up to 16 addressable daughter boards known as “stackables”. Stackables can be smart (with co-processors) or dumb (just […]

Tiny Femtoduino: smallest Arduino

Fabio Varesano has designed what is probably the smallest Arduino compatible board. He states: By using the QFN32 version of the ATMEGA 328p, 0.05″ connectors, 0402 components and removing everything not strictly necessary, I’ve been able to design and hand build an Arduino compatible board which is very small (20.7×15.2 mm) and ultra light (2g) […]