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Eagle conversion hanging

On Mon Nov 06, 2017 norm8332 wrote about a problem with uploaded eagle files producing errors on the board edge layer - edge and drill data missing. I am suffering the same problem even with boards already produced. The versions of eagle are 7.7.0 and the new 9.3.0 (free versions). The boards fit into a 10x10cm area and to my mind should pose no problems.

Any ideas how to resolve this?


Re: Eagle conversion hanging

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Problem now resolved. After contacting Autodesk Eagle support they gave me the antidote!

1. Ensure there are no milling lines along the board edges as this will cause a conflict.
2. Ensure the board edge lines are all connected so they form a continuous enclosed shape on the dimension layer.

I removed the milling lines and had to zoom right in to be able to detect the tiny gaps in the board outline. Once corrected the design uploaded without problem.