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Board minimum dimensions

I'd like to have some boards made about 1/4" wide and say an inch or so long. Is this practical using DirtyPCB's services? Sorry if the answer is obvious- I'm new to this.

--- Peter

Re: Board minimum dimensions

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I've done boards exactly the same size with no problem at all. I don't know if you are intending to do just a single board or a larger panel, I do panels with plenty of nibs / mouse bites connecting the boards together and everything I've thrown at them has worked so far. This includes boards which are only a couple of mm wide. (Strips with 0603 LEDs on)

Re: Board minimum dimensions

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Thanks for the information - good news. Looking forward to my first board order now.


Re: Board minimum dimensions

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dirty pcbs will panel your design for you so you can submit a single small board.  ive dont some small boards like 1"x1" mod boards and they come in a panel of 20pcs with  grooved edges parts to snap out.