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Vias not connected through board

Just got my first order back from DirtyPCBs, and the boards look really good. One serious issue, though: the "vias" don't connect through the board; there are tiny pads on both sides but no electrical continuity between them. I designed the boards with KiCad and followed their examples to create the vias.

Looking for guidance on how I can determine if this is my error (most likely) or a production problem at the board house.

--- Peter

Re: Vias not connected through board

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The quickest way would be opening an issue on the website. If you are logged into the site goto your order and use the support section under it.

Re: Vias not connected through board

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I've had a few boards like this recently on one batch of PCBs. The via in question was a 32 thou pad with a 16 thou hole so not exactly pushing the limits - I've used tighter without issue.

On the boards in question the drill hole looks rather over sized so I wonder if there is some issue there, either they are rounding up too much from thou to mm or maybe someone picked the wrong tool to put in the machine. Out of the batch of PCBs, only a handful so far have the issue, the rest are fine so it could be worth checking your other boards as it may only affect some from the batch.

Generally vias don't plate if there isn't enough copper left after drilling. I can't find a specific specification for the size of the annular ring but in general 5 or 6 thou seems widely used elsewhere. It's also worth checking how your CAD package outputs drill sizes. Most output finished hole size but there might be some setting to assume plating thickness and output an oversized drill.