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FT2232H USB is Not recognized


    Based on DangerousPrototypes FT2232H Schematic i assembled the components in breadboard, After when i connect the circuit to my PC it is showing "USB is not recognized".

    Here i used corresponding through - hole components provided by the schematic.

    For Soldering FT Chip i used QFN64 Breakout board and i connect it to breadboard by using Connecting wires.

    I installed the FTDI VCP driver also, in device manager it was showing "unknown device".

    Here i Attached the schematic provided by DangerousPrototypes and i attached assembled circuit in breadboard.

please let me help to how to solve this issue.

Re: FT2232H USB is Not recognized

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Thé physical connections between the USB socket and the ft2232h could't be made with "aerial" wires.