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Sump is not working.

Hi guys.
For your reference and knowledge:
Sump is not working, just tested it.
Old firmwares v5.10, v6.1, v6.2 and v6.3 are working fine while sadly instead since the very first release of the v7.0 it never worked, not even the upgrade provided here viewtopic.php?f=28&t=8498#p65290 and of course none of the firmwares I built and shared on the dangerousprototypes forum too.
It is not a matter of client due the fact that the problem exists both with ols-0.9.8 and ols-0308 from Jawi which work like a charm with the firmwares mentioned above.
Although the client fails to successfully start SUMP on Bus Pirate with firmware v7.x., metadata of the Bus Pirate on the client ols-0.9.8 are correctly acquired without any problem.
The problem is that acquisition does not start by honoring triggers settings and instead it activates itself spontaneously in an arbitrary way in its end displaying spurious signals on video also referred to disconnected inputs, namely inputs left free and therefore not physically connected to anything, floating!
By starting acquisition it does not start if not spontaneously after some time and ending with meaningless spurious patterns, something like as in attachment.

Be seeing you.