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Yet Another Protoboard for Pi Zero... MS4∏0

Back in the OSHW fray after a longish hiatus, I snagged a Raspberry Pi Zero W in a 3/14 twitter comp (thanks @ZipCar) and set  about task 1: making a prototyping board for the initial experiments. I found several designs already out there. The one that I liked best was Adafruit's breadboard-style design with central power rails but it had one feature which I though rather weird. The positive power rail was split, supplying 5V on one half and 3.3V on the other. It seemed like a poor compromise.

I got to work rejigging the design with a 2-way solder bridge for a semi-permanent selection between 5V and 3.3V on the positive power rail. For greater flexibility, you can replace that with a 3x1 male header and jumper cap. That's it, basically. I couldn't find much else that I wanted to change.

Comments are more than welcome. I'll probably wang it over to OSH park so you can pick up the design from there, but for the time being it looks like this:

Re: Yet Another Protoboard for Pi Zero... MS4∏0

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The prototypes arrived just now from Elecrow, and they look great. There is some tiny text on the boards and I am impressed how legible it is.

If anybody out there has some variety of Pi Zero and would like to test out a board, please contact me and I will put one in the post for you. Please indicate how soon you could get feedback to me about the board. Thanks!