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IR Toy transmits invalid IR code issue

I am using the IR Toy and experience an issue with the IR Toy transmitting invalid IR codes and crashes that require a power cycle to recover.

In my setup the light from the IR transmitter is reflected by a wall to the IR receivers. This causes timing errors in the transmitted IR code. Sometimes it crashes the software and a power cycle is required to recover.


In the "open field" the transmitting of IR codes works fine as expected.
When a reflecting wall is near the IR transmitter, sometimes the IR Toy transmits a very long IR-ON period (app 1 second).
Sometimes the IR Toy does not respond to anything and a power cycle is required.
When using an RC to transmit to the IR Toy while the IR Toy is transmitting ensures an invalid IR code send by the IR Toy (I validated this with an oscilloscope)
I removed the IR receivers from the board and had not issues after that.

I did not check the source code yet, but I assume the IR receivers are generating interrupts when an IR signal is received. This could interfere with the IR generation.