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SPRING FESTIVAL info and discussion

Happy Spring Festival!

Suitcases have been spotted already, it's starting to happen. The world's largest human migration - from the manufacturing regions in the Pearl River Delta to the coal-fired villages in the chilly North. All the workers who make your stuff will head home to give family and friends little red envelopes of cash.

We can't make any promises about PCB delivery during spring festival. Here's the information we have, everything is best effort. If a delay in your project would be super upsetting, maybe this is a good time to splurge on a locally produced PCB.

[s:]15th[/s:] 14 January Last day factory will accept files. We will push boards 13th and 14th [s:]and 15th[/s:], but that DOES NOT mean they will ship before Spring Festival. It was 15th, but today they informed us work stops a day earlier.
19th January Last shipment from factory to us
20th January Last shipment from us.
4th February Factory resumes production
5th February First shipments after holiday

Every year the Spring Festival disruption seems a bit less extreme, or maybe we're all just learning to roll with it. We're not expecting any major problems, but PCBs will not flow for two solid weeks.

Support will be available during the entire holiday. We'll also continue to push updates to the new store (did anyone notice credit applied for shared PCBs?).

Immediately after Spring Festival we're going to open a new PCB-related feature. I'm personally SUPER excited about it. Beta testers already have access - if they can find it - but please no spoilers!

I'll pop back to post pictures of the exodus as it intensifies, and then the ghostly shell of Huaqiangbei left behind.
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Re: SPRING FESTIVAL info and discussion

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2 weeks after end of Spring Happy Festival. Can you maybe share mid, after photos of Shenzen region, Huaqiangbei. :)

Re: SPRING FESTIVAL info and discussion

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Any update on the closures for Spring Festival 2019? I'm guessing tomorrow (1st Feb) will be the last working day for most until about the 11th?