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Hakko T12/T15 iron handle

Greetings all,

 I'm trying to rewire a Knockoff Hakko FM-2028,  which when i got it I found some of  the wires disconnected. I wasn't suprised, i didnt even bother to send it back. Got what I paid for.

Thanks to BDub on youtube, he took some great pics of his for me.

His has 5 wires, mine had 4 presumably becasue the 2027 has an LED in the handle, this one doesnt.

On the handle end, I see where the Red, Black ( and the cap between them) and Green wires go, but the white wire, which I assume is the sensor wire(?), looks like it goes to a middle pin on the assembly which mine doesnt have.

The white wire on mine was soldered to what I can describe only a little black ball, then soldered to the black wire. I dont know i this was a cap also?

Does anyone know if that white is indeed a sensor wire, and if so, this being a handle for T12 tips, what would it connect to in order to monitor the tip i guess?

Another helpful peice of info I got was this, in relation to the white wire "It is wired to the black harness connector.  A small bare wire goes from that point to the black wire.  Not sure what it does.  Maybe someone else can add a comment."

Re: Hakko T12/T15 iron handle

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I have a knockoff t18 is the wiring similar to this particular handle?