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Universal Data Adaptor

This was an idea I've been playing with for quite some time. It started out with separate ideas I had about 4 years ago when I was 17. Basically what I had back then were a few adapters which I made by splicing cables together. A while later I cleaned up the concept just a little and decided that it needed more. While I had at that time a near universal adapter for analog audio I had nothing for video or anything else besides power. The real thing this project needed were things I didn't and still don't have such as processors. I picked up a gba and a dreamcast and did some modifications to those but it was anything noteworthy.

Getting to the point the device would be like this. A portable device that let's you hook up just about any type of data source to it, display it, modify it, convert it, store it or whatever you want really. I'm not too tech savvy but I do know that it'd be quite possible with today's technology and the brilliant minds likely to run through this place. Any ideas tips or suggestions are welcome. If this is the wrong place I'll move it elsewhere.

Re: Universal Data Adaptor

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Depending on what you mean by data source, that sounds like the Bus Pirate ;)
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I didn't mean anything by that like it. But I do think that the ideas are similar and complimentary. This was more for audio / video and the like. Serial, parallel etc might change the thing up a bit but I figure simple common external things might be best such as usb.

Working with consoles I wanted to have something to adapt the video into another format. Audio as well. Mostly so I could get some cheap gaming on the go. Since there already is the bus pirate it wouldn't make much sense to reinvent that wheel for this purpose I don't think.

Here's what I mostly wanted the thing to do.

Video I/O
VGA, Svideo, RCA, Composite, Component, seperated rgb channels

The input is more important than the output here in a way. Most of those are similar enough in one way or another that the design can be piggybacked in a way like they do in console's proprietary connectors. The seperate RGB channel thing comes from the desire to interface with lcd tech.

Audio I/O [Which is usually easier]
RCA, Headphone, Headset.

Mostly playing the role of amps and filters. I would have included some form of wireless but I'm nottoo familiar with fcc regulations.

Power I/O
3/5/12 dc

I figure the power can be handled with v regs diodes and the lot. Just setup in a way that it can take whatever it can get and work with it. If 12 is only available then the circuits will turn that into the others. [Trying to work with the Dreamcast power board gave me that idea]

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I see, like a connector adapter/format converter.
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Re: Universal Data Adaptor

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Pretty much, I guess a more apt title would be universal A/V adaptor.