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Guest checkout option?

I'm trying to place an order but it seems the Paypal guest checkout option has disappeared. I'm unable to create an account for various reasons - is there any way around this?

Re: Guest checkout option?

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+1 please fix this if possible. I don't wish to be forced into PayPal

Re: Guest checkout option?

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This is a paypal issue. In development sandbox looks perfect, all the settings at paypal are correct, and I've written them a dozen times in the past two years and paypal does nothing. We're going to move to braintree through and that has many many more payment options than just paypal alone.
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Re: Guest checkout option?

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Just coming back on this, I found the Guest Checkout option *was* available going through the 'new' site. At the time I was placing the order I couldn't work out how to get the new site to accept my gerbers, I since worked out that a naming convention had been imposed.

You probably already know this but I did a bit of googling and apparently there is a setting in the Paypal account which makes the guest checkout disappear, however I sort of assume you use the same one for both so that may not be the case...