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Topic: DEV is dead, long live cliches. is still going (Read 592 times) previous topic - next topic

DEV is dead, long live cliches. is still going

DEV is now in maintenance mode. We are moving it to the main site. I budget at least two days of down time to get everything moved and configured, depending on how the Chinese internet treats me today.

Somehow, in just a couple months, you have uploaded 27gig of PCBs and 3D prints. That is insane for a junky test site! Thanks everyone!

The move looks something like this:
1. Take site offline
2. Dump database
3. Install database on main site
4. zip and encrypt files
5. FTP files to the new site and extract
6. setup network config for databases and the rendering backend
7. Update .htaccess with pointers to blog
8. Create symlink from old www directory to dangercore public directory (expect a few seconds of down time at
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