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Topic: Preferred way for 3mm mounting holes: plated or non-plated? (Read 597 times) previous topic - next topic

Preferred way for 3mm mounting holes: plated or non-plated?

Looks nice service, excited to place my order.

Didn't found answer in FAQ / forum, so might be useful for customers.

The mounting holes are not grounded and have 0 annular ring, so can be both PTH or NPTH. As I understand, some fabs milling bigger holes (say more than 2mm) and some drill it.

If you drilling 3mm holes, and if I specify them as non-plated, will this involve extra drilling step (after etching)? Or since holes have 0 annular ring and no traces/nets, maybe your check procedures are smart enough to decide the easiest way to carry on (mill/drill/PTH/NPTH)?

If you mill 3mm holes, I guess the preferred way would be non plated?

What would be the preferred way to you to specify such holes?