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Issues with copper pour?

id like to preface this with, these boards were extras to begin with, and are not going to be used anyway; nothing needs to be done. i just want to know WHY it happened so i dont let it happen when id does matter.

So when the call went out to try the new site, i did. obviously some technical issues happened but i did eventually get the boards. I had also ordered a backup from the old site as well. the order from the old site arrived first and life went on. the new site boards sat unopened on my desk until today.

upon inspection i noticed a strange defect that wasnt present on the boards from the old site:
that should have been an unbroken analog ground plane that for some broken.
i went back to my gerbers to check (viewed in gerbv)
no break....

the fun didnt stop there, i found several instances of odd pour behavior:
and no trace of it in the gerber:

just to be sure i scratched away the solder mask and sure enough:
there are strips of no copper.

any thoughts on this?