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Finding a board house that allows tab routing?


First of all - I love DirtyPCBs - I've used it many many times while in the USA and it has been great.

However - now I am in China (Beijing) and trying to find a board house to order directly from, but every single board house I contact on TaoBao wants to charge me a "combining fee" for each sub board even though I've combined them and added the tabs myself - on average they seem to want 50 cny per sub board. (I'm using thisisnotrockscience's excellent panelizing tool: - many thanks for them for that!)

I understand if you don't want to reveal how you got the board houses to not charge extra for this - or how you found ones that don't - but if you are willing to I would really appreciate any tips on how to find one, or what to say to get this, or board houses that do this?

Many many thanks for the DirtyPCBs service, and any info you can offer!