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It is about to happen. After extensive testing we chose a cloud server in Frankfurt. Day and night we get a sustained 600K/s upload from China and the routing isn't totally stupid.

Considered strongly moving to Digital Ocean in SF as we get a healthy 1.5M/s upload to the dirtypcbs old site and access has never been an issue. However, I hope to eventually move all the sites to this server and Digital Ocean doesn't have enough storage for the years of posts and extensive wiki files at Dangerous Prototypes. Also, Frankfurt is more centrally located to our European heavy community but still has great access to North America.

Moving (back) to a cloud is a bit unsettling. We started as a hosted wordpress site, then went to LaughingSquid (a very early cloud service) and quickly got booted from there for too much resource and bandwidth use. Then onto a string of dedicated servers that have taken anything we throw at them. DirtyPCBs has been running happily on a $5/month Digital Ocean box for nearly 2 years, so we'll try the new site on a cloud for a while. If it looks good, we'll move the rest of the site as well and get rid of the DEV.dp stuff.

Cloud hosting has some sucky aspects, but there are so many great things if it can take the full load of the main site. It is easy to add resources, there's block storage for expansion, daily automatic backups, etc. With vultr we have a free internal network between our servers so the heavy duty rendering stuff happens on 4 or 5 little $5-$10/month servers running from a standard image. We can even break out to a dedicated database server. We'll see. It could be a nightmare too :)
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