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Another slots & etc question

I know what I usually have to do but I don't know how that works with you or the other inexpensive online fab services.

I use Easy-PCB which is basically the same as Pulsonix.  Not freeware.  I generate a set of Gerber files for copper and resist and silk.  I generate an Excellon drill file (for plated) and another Gerber with just the outline.  I can also generate an Excellon file for the outline. I don't ever give anybody my actual design files.

If I include plated slots in a part,  they show up as 'route' commands in the excellon plated drill file.  I usually use a unique size for the slot tool.  My PCB package lets me do that.  Then the Excellon file has defined tools for drilling and another tool that gets used for routing.  I tell my PCB vendor via email that Tool T04 is supposed to be a router bit, not a drill.  Then they can load a router bit.  If I want unplated slots or internal routes, that data goes in a separate Excellon file for unplated.

This usually gets communicated via email with my vendors.  Given that I can't do that with your fab, can I do plated slots without it being a guessing game to see whether they looked at the drill file and spotted the route commands?  I'd rather know definitely whether I can or can't do slots reliably.  I don't do overlapping holes.  Most places will bounce that anyway.

This is mostly for ham radio and other personal stuff so I'd rather use a $10 fab instead of a $250 fab.