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Order 2018526 - payment error

Hello DirtyPCB folks!

**** EDIT ****

Sent a support mail. Sorry, should have read the tagged thread on order support first!

**** EDIT ****

I just submitted my Eagle files, the gerber preview looks fantastic, so far so good..

Something just went wrong with PayPal.

Can you somehow send me a Paypal payment request again? Or can I do something?


Bernhard, Munich, Germany

Re: Order 2018526 - payment error

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Re: Order 2018526 - payment error

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Thanks, nuker!

I found this post already and sent a support request.

Cheers, Bernhard

Re: Order 2018526 - payment error

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Thanks guys for self moderating :) It gives me hope in the world. Please contact us directly for order specific support.

That said: payment error is a limitation of the old site. Just order again. Error orders are cleared manually from time to time.
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