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Order - DPCB-2017768

Good Afternoon,

We bought boards from you but we have just spoken to our Customs and it had been stopped and inspected as no invoice was attached.
The courier, DHL, also just advised me that we will be pay over R1000 penalty fee because our supplier (Dirty PCB's) declared the wrong amount for the boards, it was declared under $11.00

Please let me know how we can overcome this problem as it looks like we might sit with this problem every time we buy.

Re: Order - DPCB-2017768

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On your order page you can download a pdf of the invoice (which i suspect was originally attached to the package). Pleased show it to the customs and I think you'll be fine.

BTW how can a wrong amount be declared without an invoice?

Re: Order - DPCB-2017768

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Hum, I'll look into the $11 issue. It should be generating the commercial invoice from the PDF Sjaak mentions with all actual amounts. Please be sure to order from the new site as the old one will not be updated further.
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