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Vias for 4 layer PCB's


We would like to have some 4 layer PCB's. What kind of vias can we use? Through hole, blind, buried?


Re: Vias for 4 layer PCB's

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Through hole. Blind and buried are options, but they add about ~$40 (200RMB+) to the cost of the boards I believe.
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Re: Vias for 4 layer PCB's

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Thanks Ian,

By the way, is silk both top and bottom an option?

Re: Vias for 4 layer PCB's

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I think blind hole is buried hole, correct me if I am wrong :P

Our new board house(high quality board house) will make blind holes, but there is no way for us or them to set up an estimate on the cost because it all varies differently depending on the designs. If you really want to find out how much that will cost you, PM me and I will find out for you :P