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Two Qs about Aluminium PCBs

Hi, I'd like to experiment with using Aluminium-core PCBs as panels for Eurorack modules. Normal PCBs work, well, but this might be cooler.
Specific Dirtypcb question:
Is there any way to order an Alu PCB larger than 10cm x 10cm - which is the largest available for Alu on the Beta site?
I'd need a 128.5mm x 20mm panel to start with.

General Alu Board question
What happens if you do a tStop layer on an area of an Alu core board without any copper? In a FR4 PCB, it reveals the raw fiberglass. In the Alu board, does it reveal bare aluminium, or some kind of insulation layer?

Thank, Tom
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Re: Two Qs about Aluminium PCBs

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Hi Tom,

Yes, I believe we can get bigger boards. The second question I have no idea, I assume bare alu. I asked Jin to talk to the factory.
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Re: Two Qs about Aluminium PCBs

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Hi Ian,

Based on my experience being an agent for a local LED company that uses aluminium boards, they are usually freaking long. Short boards are rare usually. But, then you would have to factor in the shipping cost based on volumetric weight. And I guess airmail is out of question.