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Order support email service status?

Hi and thanks for the new forum and everything, which is great!
I'd like to know your support status at the moment regarding order related emails. I've sent one myself 1-2 weeks ago and since I've read about your heavy load and general struggle, I'm quite afraid of adding on to that by sending more. In general, I think some published estimate of reply times could prevent a lot repeated emails. I haven't seen any info, but my guess is that you have a backlog of emails the answer, after the Chinese New Year?  How old emails are you replying at this point?

Re: Order support email service status?

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We are clearing daily, except Sundays. The email load is unmanageable though, we have to move to the new site this week.

There is a second huge difficulty - there is a major Party committee meeting right now and often we can't get or send email for hours. I've been commuting into Hong Kong so I can empty my email send queue via laptop. The internet has basically ceased to function for sites outside China. There is really nothing we can do except wait - though I am looking at renting an apartment and office in Hong Kong and working from there is this continues.
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