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Plated slots?

Are plated slots supported in DirtyPCBs?

I want to use a coin cell retainer such as: ... ct-18-3785

These have a thin, wide 'pin' - 1.6mm x 0.3mm. While it will work to just put a big enough round hole, this would be harder to solder and uses up a lot more board area.

With a previous PCB house I created a 'plated slots' layer which just included the outline of any slots to be plated, similar to how unplated slots work with DirtyPCBs. They did this milling before plating rather than after.

Is such a thing possible here, or as with unplated holes is it a step they have been able to omit from the PCB production process to get the costs down a little?

BTW, Ian, you've commented elsewhere that DirtyPCBs actually makes a small loss. I, personally, would be more than happy to pay a little extra, especially where I'm able to panelise several boards on to one as the service is much cheaper than available anywhere else and I would really love to see it continue. I tend to do lots of PCB variants but in fairly low volumes so what you offer is ideal.

Re: Plated slots?

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I think I may have solved this due to a comment made on another thread and by stumbling on an undocumented function in my PCB package...

Design Spark allows you to add 'plated' board outlines as well as unplated ones. The terminology seems very strange as who plates a full board outline? And you can only add shapes, not single lines but at least it offers a way to achieve it.

However, this adds another query. DS produces two drill files, plated and unplated. The unplated drill file also includes routing information for the board outline. Do we know if the board house would actually ignore this and prefer to create their own outline from the (gerber) board outline file, or could they actually use this to make their life easier and at the same time give us the option to have unplated holes in our boards?