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Eagle bug - fixed in V7.5?

If I submit a board file built with Eagle v7.5 will it be OK? There was a note on the page about using Eagle v6 but I can't get hold of it. The preview pic on the order page looks OK...

Re: Eagle bug - fixed in V7.5?

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A problem happened one time out of hundreds, but of course it is always more precise to create your own gerbers and preview them.

I will have the eagle to gerber pipeline setup on the new site soon, it will definitely be compatible. At that point we will push everyone to order at the new site.
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Re: Eagle bug - fixed in V7.5?

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I originally included gerber files but the preview looked very wrong (no holes), so I updated to just the Eagle .BRD file and then the preview looks good. This is for order 2017847 - apparently it's gone to the board house now, so we'll have to wait and see!

Thanks for your help.