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Windows Drivers ?


Received today the PCB.
I tried to install it on my Windows 98 SE machine, also on my Win 7 64 .
I downloaded the package here ...
Windows detect device name HD44780 CDC 232 .
On 98, files in "inf" directory are not recognized as good driver, on 7x64, it installs the driver but the device get a ! over its icon.

Where can I get the good drivers, especially for win98 ?

Thanks :)

Re: Windows Drivers ?

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So, for a reason that I don't know, on my Win7x64 , now the device is reconized and I can display with winampl + LCD plugin.

As well as I leave my project from win98 to DOS, W98 drivers are no longer needed.

Re: Windows Drivers ?

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I am unable to update my windows driver so what I do? So tell me I have take many action to update my windows Driver.