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Arduino project caring plant automatically

As i was so busy in work that i often can't take good care of the plants in my house. I want to make a system helping me to care them well for me. Water them when they are thirsty and remind me to move it to the suitable light strength.

I bought some Crowtail modules, such as  a Crowduino, Base Shield has stranded interfaces for convenient connection, a Buzzer to alarm and remind me to water the tree. Moisture Sensor to test the soil moisture of plant.Light Sensor to test the light strength.Temperature & Humidiy Sensor to test the temperature & humidity.OLED to test the soil moisture, temperature & humidity and light strength of living environment and other things.

Then time to start: you can read my steps in

Re: Arduino project caring plant automatically

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This project is really good for gardening. I have working on Robotics. I think to work on this project.