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New Arduino starter kit

Recently, there is a arduino starter kit available for starters who are brunning with arduino world. This is Crowtail starter kit. Here  i would like to share this new kit for you. The Crowtail products are basic-functional modules that consists of various modules with standardized connectors, each Crowtail module has its specific functions, such as light sensing and temperature sensing. With these Crowtail modules, users do not need to deal with the mess jumper wires or debug the electronic circuits, they can just plug the Crowtail modules together and then play!

Crowtail- Starter Kit is the perfect kit for you to dive into the electronics and Arduino world. It consists of a Base Shield and some basic Crowtail modules, to help the Arduino starters learning the basic usage and Arduino programming step by step. The detailed guide book, which includes 9 step-by-step basic experiments, helps you creating small, simple, and easy-to-assemble circuits. It is straight forward, includes diagrams, codes, explanations, and additional instructions, with which you can understand all about the projects, to get the necessary skills needed to progress beyond the book. Look at the picture and hope it can help the starters a little.