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2-Wire for MN101EF31G Mcu

Hello friends and sorry for my poor English. I am working on electronic devices repairing business, I am not a programmer or software guy. I have a customers inverter air conditioner boards.Inverter board use MN103S series MCU and IGBT s faulty, other board AVI COMM board use MN101E and no hardware malfunction and I suspect some error flag or firmware corruption. If I figured out the firmware dumping, I request new one and dump then flash back this board. Board use MN101EF31G mcu and boards have a 5x2 pin Programmer port. I order from Seed Studio to Bus Pirate 3.6 and I am try with 2-wire protocol  to MCU s "Clock Synchronous Serial" port but not success.I am also try UART, I2C ports but all close from register I assume. I2C macro (1) 7 Bit  address search find nothing. If I put "DMOD" pin (D-Wire Programming  Mode) to GND then port open and I am send "r" read command but I get 7 byte FF, 2 byte random data and repeat like that, I am not success to send commmand because I am not figured out where in the datasheet(I am noob for programming and I don't understand AAAh AAh 555h 55h thing,this is my other problem). Maybe MCU bus speed much more then 400khz, I download PANAX EX COMMANDER programmer softwate from Panasonic and AMOBP Commander from OBJECT.CO and examine then find speed options. MCU Serial has a lot of option, Start condition type decide to data and clock rising or falling edge settings and MCU need 3,5 and 2,5 clock timing delay for data loading. Bus pirate great tool but any developer add support to 2-wire custom timing, edge set options and "_" or "" have a including ns delay but I need "clock" type adjustable delay,no "ns" type,All that are simple request from me and thanks the BUS PIRATE's all makers and developers. Sorry again for my English.