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Flash Destroyer Kit arrived today

Today the Flash_Destroyer kit I had ordered on May 30 arrived (it shipped on June 30).
Not sure why Seeed shipped it with DHL, I had selected the free shipping option with
Hongkong Post. However, the free priority shipping by Seeed being the real nice part
from their side turned into something close to a fiasco due to some security screening
at the DHL station in Hongkong, which obviously included unpackaging and improper
repackaging during the screening, this leading to damages on a couple of parts included
in the shippment.

I am explaining this for a better understanding of the issues I found with the kit. There
is only one problem with the kit from Seeeds end, the 24AA01-I/P EEPROM and the ISP
header listed on the partlist in the product description are missing in both kits I received:

Flash Destroyer EEPROM tester - partlist:

IC2   1   24AA01-I/P   DIP-8
ICSP   1   05x1 0.1” pin header   MA05-1

The 7-segment LEDs have a black front, are marked LS-5161AS and have long, thick round pins.
The PCB is yellow as announced.

Seeed added a real nice thing to the kit (which is not on the part list) - two single row 64-pin
DIP sockets for the LEDs - one of the slight modifications I descriped in the "Flash_Destroyer free PCB
prototype write-up
". The LEDs fit nicely into the DIP sockets except for the pins being a bit too long.

The negative side (definitely NOT Seeeds fault) is that the pins of the PIC and the LEDs have been
extremely dented and bent during transport due to improper repackaging after the security screening.
I will post pictures later ... first I will file a complaint with DHL :D

/EDIT/: R10-R17 are 120 Ω (brown-red-brown), Q2-Q8 are BC547B - looks like they adapted the resistors
but not the transistors to the updated partlist of May 31, 2010.

Re: Flash Destroyer Kit arrived today

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I just wanted to let you know that Seeed is looking into the chips and transistor. Not many kits sold, so I assume they'll just mail everyone a replacement. I'm really sorry about that, I'll let you know when I hear more.
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Re: Flash Destroyer Kit arrived today

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Ian (and Eric from Seeed should he read this), I will assemble one of the kits with exactly the components that came with it later today and give you a complete write-up (will use the BC547 because I think they will work just fine).

Please consider my report as feed-back and not as a complaint with the intention to help improve the kit and correct errors before more kits will ship. No problem, I have plenty BC337 and 24AAxx chips ... and the working prototypes.

Re: Flash Destroyer Kit arrived today

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Just a quick update - Seeed has sent replacement parts to everyone that ordered a Flash Destroyer kit.
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Re: Flash Destroyer Kit arrived today

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Ian, thanks for the update and thanks to Seeed for sending replacement parts.

When assembling the kit I found one more inconvenience: the 0.33 µF cap C8 Seeed shipped in the kit is .200" (5.08 mm) spaced while the footprint is 0.100" (2.54 mm) (no need for a replacement, just make sure Seeed will ship a cap with the correct spacing in the future).

I have taken pictures of each stage of the assembly ... due to business priorities I didn't quite complete the kit, yet ... will post a full report once I have completed assembling the kit.