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Any HTML coders here?

Hi All,

I'm looking for someone that can design an on-line membership application for a club I belong to. The application needs to be somewhat dynamic so that it 'populates' correctly depending on the type of application (New or Renewal - selected with a radio button). The application also must be 'aware' of the date as the dues amount is pro-rated based on the join date. Once an application is complete, PayPal will be used for billing.

I currently have a couple of static pages doing this membership function, but I'd like to clean it up and stream-line things a bit! I'm NOT looking for a freebie here, and am quite willing to discuss some sort of compensation if you are interested. Perhaps you'd like something from SEEED, Sparkfun, or Adafruit?

I'll send more details to anyone interested in taking a look at this project!

PM me if you think you can help!