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STM32 supports Arduino and mbed


ST has just released the STM32 Nucleo. This is a series of development tools that allow to quickly evaluate any STM32. These boards are extensible with Arduino, and they are supported by mbed. This makes them a good basis for any embedded community.

The main idea:

-   A lean board
-   Contains and STLink debugger/programmer (as all ST MCU evaluation tools do)
-   Contains an STM32 in 64pin package
-   Carries Arduino UNO v3 connectors
-   Carries another connector called “Morpho” (and ST development)
-   Has 2 Vreg and a couple of buttons and LEDs

Starting from there, every STM32 Nucleo board has the same layout making the each I/O pin of the contained micro available on the same physical location of the Arduino and “Morpho” connector. Many functions are common to all STM32 on the same pin location.

Arduino compatibility:
-   The boards have the Arduino UNO R3 connector. This connector carries a so called IOREF pin. This pin allows the Arduino shields to adjust the IO voltage to the 3V3 for the STM32 if these shields follow the specification. The official Arduino shields are said to do so

Mbed support:
-   Mbed has full support for these boards (communities, code libraries etc.)
-   STLINK supports
o   Virtual com port (also useful outside mbed)
o   Mass storage mode for programming (also useful outside mbed)

Apart from that it is worth noticing that the boards are supported by IAR and KEIL and they can also be used with GCC based IDEs such as Atollic.

ST has launched today four variants of the STM32 Nucleo based on the STM32F401RE (512K), STM32L152RE (512K), STM32F103RB (128K), STM32F030R8 (64K) and a total of 2.200 are given away at the embedded world 2014 upon prior registration. Lateron this year four more variants will follow.

The devices, come with a standard peripheral and HAL library containing also some examples. Preprogrammed examples support for instance the adafruit 1.8” TFT screen shield (ID 802).

For the moment I can only propose you google STM32 Nucleo. You'll find hits on ST and mbed.

I will supply a couple of links later (well in 24h to be precise)...


wish they had the STM32F429 in this format

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looks like a more modular Discovery series where you can prototype w/ all their different families

Re: STM32 supports Arduino and mbed

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Here are now the promised links:

-  STM32 Nucleo products
-  Registration for the free STM32 Nucleo campaign at the embedded world 2014: ... ation.html
-  Design resources in the product folders (databrief, user manual, software, schematics, etc.) ... 7/PF260000 (NUCLEO-F401RE) ... 7/PF259997 (NUCLEO-F030R8) ... 7/PF259875 (NUCLEO-F103RB) ... 7/PF260002 (NUCLEO-L152RE)
-  MBED repositories ... leo-F103RB ... leo-F401RE ... leo-F030R8 ... leo-L152RE

Re: STM32 supports Arduino and mbed

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If only shipping from ST, Mouser etc wasn't $30 for a board..

Re: STM32 supports Arduino and mbed

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Did you try Farnell for shipments inside Europe ? In UK they take something like 4 pound for shipment. Sounds resonable ...

Re: STM32 supports Arduino and mbed

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And Farnell only do business with companies, so i have to register as a company to buy from them..
It kinda sucks to have this hobby, only ebay that is usabe.

Of course, I can fill up a load and buy from mouser, > $100 is free shipping, but then I get importtax etc.

Re: STM32 supports Arduino and mbed

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I don't know about Norway. But in the UK, as well as France, you can order from Farnell as a private person as well. You pay with credit card and the min order value is like 20 pound.

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I even created an account, and found out about it, and then I asked, same answer, only companies and invoice, no card support.
I'll find a way eventually..

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you can also deal with RS-components. They accept credit cards in Nordic countries. I am sure they will have these boards in stock very soon ...

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I regret not going to Embeddedworld.. that might have solved it..

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Does anyone know what it means that they call their platform "open"? Mouser lists the Nucleo boards in their Open Hardware section.
I wonder if the schematics for the boards are available.
To qoute ST:
STM32 Nucleo open development platform

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Wow, totally missed that. Thank you!

I guess there are hardly any chances for a version with more Flash storage and RAM, as these use the larger LQFP100 package instead of the Nucleo's LQFP64 package.
An example: the STM32F407VGT6 with 1 MB Flash and 192 KB RAM in a LQFP100, used in the STM32F4DISCOVERY board.

Re: STM32 supports Arduino and mbed

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I wonder if the choosen chips are somewhat pincompatible?
But STM32F405RG & STM32F415RG are also LQFP64 and have 1MB + 192KB