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Patching avrdude


I want to apply a patch to avrdude, so that I could address multiple programmers with with serial number (I have a usbasp programmer), so do I need to recompile avrdude with the patch ?

If that's so, how do I do that ?

Patching avrdude

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If the programmers are on different serial ports then you don't need a patch.

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Re: Patching avrdude

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I am using a USB programmer, when I run the "make" command, so MINGW gives the following error

please help

Re: Patching avrdude

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the programmer is USBasp


Re: Patching avrdude

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first off Im not a programmer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. :p

Ok it looks like the files you're looking for are not in the right directory. I always start avrdude from the directory that the files are in. Just make sure that the avrdude directory is in your system path.

Here is a good write up on how to set the path in windows 7 http://