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Buspirate v4 binary mode auxilary pins

Hi a while back I was working on my local checkout of the firmware for the bp v4 and I don't remember why I needed it but I changed binary mode to have support for setting all the new pins aux1 and aux2.

I added an extra step where you enter binary mode "BINM1" instead of "BBIO1" then you mode switch to bit bang mode "BBIO2"

Most everything is the same and programs can very easily be fixed to adjust for the changes. Also there is a new command to query at runtime available binary modes that are compiled in. (uart, spi, i2c, bitbang etc)

I changed a bunch of the binary code to defines for readability too.

I attached a diff with my changes. If you are interested in adding this to the svn repo I can clean it up some more and put more comments in the code. Also please point out anything I might have missed.


Re: Buspirate v4 binary mode auxilary pins

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I have only a collateral question.
I just work with basic script on Bus Pirate v4 and I want to set up the others AUX pins AUX1/AUX2 as out pins for the AUX statement.
Something like AUXPIN {val} into reference to set 0=AUX; 1=CS and... 2=AUX1; 3=AUX2 ... for example (but these last don't work at this way).

Could you help me?
Could you tell me what I have to write to match with it?