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Air Conditioner water cooler

Hey guys, I just found this site and thought to myself, "f*ck yea!"
It's really awesome to see great project and cool ideas... moving on!

Ok, so my dad likes to turn on water misters to cool the outside air conditioning unit because he either read/saw/heard somewhere that it can lower the energy cost of the unit. I'm not sure if it's true, but he often leaves the water on over-night, sometime longer. Which seems to me that it kind of negates the cost. I wanted to solve this issue, by fabricating a device that responds to the state of the unit and acts accordingly.

When the unit is powered on; the fabricated device receives power, opens a valve and water flows to the misters.
And, when the unit is powered down; the fabricated device looses power, the valve closes and the water turns off...

Ideally, I would like the misters to be internal. Any suggestions on what circuit board and valve setup might be useful. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!