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DirtyPCB IKEA Samtid mood-light upgrade

Just wanting to share one of my latest projects, made possible by DirtyPCBs. I got a lot of good boards (actually 2 designs) and saved 25$ using this service. Very nice.

It's a simple thing, just a micro (ATmega168) + a bunch of WS2812B LEDs. Main purpose: more colours :-)


It's meant to fit nicely into IKEA Samtid lamps, runs with 5V DC and takes up to 2.75A. The control module is removable, so one doesn't have to rip the lamp apart every time you change code. I used microMaTch connectors, as they're somewhat low profile,  at least compared to standard headers, and provide quite good mechanical support.


The most intricate part of the circuit is a 1-ch level-shifter / bus isolator (google AN97055). I felt I needed it to avoid feeding parasitic power via input clamping diodes of the WS2812B when the whole board is powered by the programming adapter only (main 5V power supply disconnected).


Finally, a short video: http://

All design files + code are available via my blog. Hardware might be found on Tindie (search for IKEA).

Re: DirtyPCB IKEA Samtid mood-light upgrade

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Love it!

I found and read your blog post as well. You might consider adding the URL to your post?


Re: DirtyPCB IKEA Samtid mood-light upgrade

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I've added the link. I wonder why I didn't add it in the first place...