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BPv4 Logic Analyzer mode

I have problem with my Bus Pirate v4.
Everything works OK except Logic Analyzer and firmware upgrades.
The main problem is the Logic Analyzer mode. I use OLS- - latest version and JRE 1.7 tested on both Windows and Linux.
On version 6.1 it works but 6.2 and 6.3 gives me problems. When I start capturing the Bus Pirate hangs and program gets no samples from the device.
The second problem is firmware upgrade - I must short PGC and PGD, the "$" command enters BOOTLOADER, but it doesn't respond.
Thanks in advance


Re: BPv4 Logic Analyzer mode

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Hi sorry you're having issues. Unfortunatly the v4 is a still under development so a few bugs need to be ironed out..

*regarding the jump to boot loader, this is currently a bug in the Bus Pirate v4 firmware, will be fixed by v6.3...

*regarding the v6.1 and v6.2 problems with the logic analyzer mode, I'll look into it, and let you know if I was able to patch it up... I you currently only need it as a logic analyzer I suggest reverting to 6.1 while we get a patch in place..
best regards FIlip.

Re: BPv4 Logic Analyzer mode

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Hi! Thanks for reply. I was loosing hope for any help already.
Staying with 6.1 will not be an option because it's very buggy. I'll just have to be patient.
Looking for updates.

Re: BPv4 Logic Analyzer mode

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Hi everyone. I recently purchased a BP v4 and was wondering if there a way now to use the BP in "SUMP mode" these days?
Has there been any progress with this feature?