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Bootloader switching broken?

Firmwares 6.2 and 6.3 seem to have broken bootloader-switching functions ("$"). When entering the command, it appears to work, asking if you want to switch, and then printing a "BOOTLOADER" below that afterward. However, no LED lights turn on, and the bootloader remains inaccessible.

I've tried using both pirate-loader and ds30Loader -- both to no avail. There is never any bootloader "hello" response back. After unplugging/plugging the BP back in, however, full, regular Bus Pirate functionality continues to work just fine (with both 6.2 and 6.3).

In order to change update firmware, I have to open the BP and manually jumper the pins to get into bootloader mode, which continues to work.

So perhaps software-switching bootloader functionality is hiccuping in 6.2/6.3...?

Re: Bootloader switching broken?

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We're checking it out, thank you.
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Re: Bootloader switching broken?

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I isolated the error fro BPv3 at changes made to the UART1RXRdy() define/function in baseIO.c  and usages of the same at procmenu.c at revisions 1955 and 1956..
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