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Bus Pirate only printing jibberish

I'm using a PuTTY session to try and connect to the Bus Pirate. The session seems to connect alright to COM5, but pressing enter doesn't do anything, and any letters I type come out as jibberish.

I've set up the COM port and PuTTY session according to the tutorial (115200/8/1/N), but still can't get a menu to display. It's almost as if the session is typing in a wrong character encoding.

Any ideas?

Windows 7 x64
Bus Pirate v3b

Re: Bus Pirate only printing jibberish

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Fixed! I uninstalled the device, deleting the drivers as well, and then reinstalled the device with drivers downloaded fresh from the (Serial-to-USB) manufacturer. And now it works flawlessly.

My guess is that there was some type of driver corruption with the driver being updated recently via Windows Update. Windows Update apparently updated it to the most recent version of the driver, but there must have been some corruption or mishap in the installation process, as the same driver installed manually now works just fine, and I'm able to get full menus displayed through a PuTTY terminal.