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Buspirate V3.6 can't load stk500 firmware

Hi, I've been trying to load the stk500 firmware so that I can use my buspirate with AtmelStudio 6. So far I have managed to get the bootloader v4.4 and firmware v6.1 on, but I want to replace the firmware with the stk500 firmware. This is what I get if type 'i' in a serial terminal (the silkscreen on my board says BPv3.6 even though the board identifies itself as a v3.5):
Bus Pirate v3.5
Firmware v6.1 r1676  Bootloader v4.4
DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3043 (24FJ64GA002 B5)

Now, I can load "BPv3-STK500v2-v0b-hiz.hex" fine, but it has the signature problem identified here: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=4207&p=41807&hilit=stk500+avrisp#p41807,
where AtmelStudio says: "The signature of the attached tool is AVRISP_2, which is unexpected."

I've tried going here: ...
too. I get the warning "The file has been deprecated...." and I haven't been able to load any of the three files contained in that directory. I get the error identified in the screen shot. It's also the same as the error identified in the last comment here: ... -firmware/ But I'm running the latest bootloader, so how can it be a bootloader problem?

What am I doing wrong? Where is the working stk500v2 firmware?


Re: Buspirate V3.6 can't load stk500 firmware

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Right, I figured it out. Turns out the changes made to the stk500V2 firmware are in (revision??) r1948 which is greater than the v6.1 with revision number r1676. So, it appears that there has been no update since at least June last year to the stk500 compiled .hex file. This means that you have to download the svn repo, microchip compiler and IDE and build that code yourself.

It would be really useful if the updated/built code was posted somewhere in the documentation (maybe it is, but I can't find it), or at least some explanation as to what you have to do to get it working/what version works with what.

To save anyone else the hassle, I have uploaded the compiled .hex file that works on my hardware (as described above). Just change the file name to .hex (instead of .zip). I couldn't upload a file ending in .hex