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PC connector breakout


Does anyone know of a breakout designed for PC peripherals? I'm looking for USB, Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, audio etc...

All in one PCB, preferably with the connectors and all the pins broken out.

Re: PC connector breakout

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Hmm, So it doesn't look like there is anything off the shelf that matches exactly what I need.

Would anyone else use something like this? I would strongly considering designing the boards and getting them fabbed. This all stemmed from a case where I needed to mount a RPI inside a robot, but still needed access to the connectors. As well as countless times I've had to cut and strip innocent connectors and cords for prototyping purposes... Attached is a half done drawing trying to get the point apart... most likely the boards would stack, and connectors divided into group of similarity... "video", "audio", "data transfer" etc...


Re: PC connector breakout

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Aaaahhhh, gotcha!

I don't believe such a board with multiple connections exist, even here. You'll need to get some boards fabbed for that. Probably you'll need to sacrifice some cords again to connect between RPi and your boards.